ORA (Out of Ordinary Agroscience) Services

Project Details

ORA (Out of Ordinary Agroscience) Services is a new greek company based in Athens, active in the fields of special agricultural nourishment products, innovative services and product solutions. Even though it’s a new company, it is comprised by extrovert and forward thinking professionals with years of experience in the field of agriculture science, or agroscience. They want to go against the current and import new modern practices and products in a market that has been set in its ways for years.

They mainly focus on specialty products that increase crop productivity and quality. They also provide farmers with technical solutions and services that respect the environment with the production costs in mind. Their goal is to soon be one of the leaders of specialty agricultural products of the balcan peninsula market.

Their main product is a new range of fertilizers that work in very different way than fertilizers that have been around up until now. Instead of providing the plant with various kinds of nutrients and chemical substances that boost its growth, they actually affect the plant’s physiology in a cellular level.

The Brief

We were asked to create the company’s logo and corporal identity. The brief we were given had two desirata. One, the logo should convey how these new products work, and two, it should also convey the character of a new, bold, innovative company.

The Symbol

The idea for the symbol is quite simple. We combined the promise that ORA makes to its clients (strong, healthy crops) with its method (ORA products work for the benefit of the plant in a cellular level).

Two images that easily come to mind, a strong new plant growing out of soil and a needle entering the cell are combined to produce an “O” shape that stands for ORA.